Monday, February 29, 2016

TOP 3 Places to visit while in Kundasang

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To make your trip to Kundasang more memorable, we have compiled a list of our the Top 3 places you must visit while in the area.

1) Desa Dairy Farm

The Famous Desa Dairy Farm is a fully operational agro-tourism milk processing farm located just 5 minutes(drive) from Soboroong Farmer's Cottage. It is known for its magnificent view of Mount Kinabalu as well as its species of cows known for producing a lot of milk.

To be honest, once you have arrived at Desa Dairy Farm, the view makes it genuinely feels like you're in a European country making it one of the most popular destination in the whole of Sabah. It is also said to be familiar with parts of New Zealand. The cool weather makes the experience better as you will find out once you arrive.

Here are some of the activities available:

Milking of the cows : 2.30 PM - 4.30 PM (Mon to Sun)
Processing of Raw Milk : 10.00 AM - 3.00 PM (Tue, Thu, Sun)
Feeding the Cow's Calf : 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM (Mon to Sun)

Just a reminder, the place is gonna be packed and full during the holidays and weekends, so keep calm and be patience because the wait will be worth it.

Desa Dairy Farm is opened from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM. The entrance fee is RM 5 for adults and RM 4 for students/children (free for children under 6). For further information, please contact +60 88-889 562.

2) Kinabalu Park

The internationally known Kinabalu Park is probably what most people think about when Sabah is mentioned to them. It is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Malaysia which says a lot about the place. It is one of the two entrance to start hiking up Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia's highest peak.

If you like being close to nature then this is the place for you. With almost 5000 species of plants, 300+ species of birds and a couple hundred of butterfly species, things to see will be plentiful. Just being in the park makes you feel close to the very essence of the Rainforest and Mount Kinabalu itself.

Here are some of the activities available:

Guided walks through the park : 11.00 AM
Kinabalu Natural History Gallery : 9.00 AM - 3.00 PM
Flower Garden : 9.00 AM - 3.00 PM

Kinabalu Park is opened from Monday to Sunday from 7.00 AM to 10.00 PM. The entrance fee is RM 10.

3) Kundasang War Memorial 

The memorial was established in 1962, and was erected to honour the Australian and British Prisoners of Wars (POW) who died during the Sandakan Death March during World War II as well as the local people who risk their lives to help them.

Inside the memorial are four beautiful gardens, which are the Australian garden, the English garden, the Borneo Garden and the Contemplation Garden and pool, where the list of all the soldiers who lost their lives are engraved on the wall, as a symbol of their courage, contribution and ultimately sacrifice during the war. Being in the memorial makes us realize what was ultimately required for us to enjoy the peace we have today.

Kundasang War Memorial is opened from Monday to Sunday from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM.